How the Reboot Subscription Works

Discover how to start a subscription, explore the advantages of renting with Reboot, and learn about our dedication to resource conservation.

How the Reboot
Subscription Works
How it Works

Reboot Subscriptions


Find the device you love and the minimum plan you desire

Pick the tech you want and the plan that suits you best. You can go for short and flexible options, or long and cheap ones – it’s up to you!

Submit a quick online application and make the first payment after passing the screening.

Complete a quick online application. Once you make your order, we perform a secure background and credit check, emailing you the results shortly. If you qualify, make the payment of initial fees and the first month through our secure online checkout.

We ship quickly! Use your tech, love it.

Once you complete the initial payment, we ship your device to you. Your subscription starts, and you can have fun with your tech as you like, on your choices! Chill, insurance is included!

Done? Return or upgrade when you’re ready!

Use your tech for as long as your subscription’s minimum term lasts. You can decide to return it or switch to a newer one whenever you want after the minimum term. We cover the return postage!

Reboot: Refurbish and reuse. Save the World!

Returned devices go through a return process that involves secure data removal, device cleaning, and any more repairs necessary, to revive them to a like-new status. This enables other subscribers to have fun and value them to the fullest. If the device is beyond its useful life, we recycle them in a sustainable way to cut down e-waste.
Reboot Lifestyle

The Benefits of Subscriptions


Access The Latest Tech

Access new devices as soon as they are available—and align your subscription plan to the release of next year's model.


Terms You Choose

Find your dream tech and ideal plan. Shorter and more flexible, or longer at a lower price? If you need to use your device for longer, don’t worry! Extend it as you see fit, giving you complete control over your subscription.


Low Monthly Costs

No need for hefty upfront costs to get the latest devices anymore! Now, you can get what you want and need at affordable monthly prices.


Insurance is Included

Don’t worry, all Reboot devices have top-notch insurance with clear and simple terms. Our support team is ready to help you whenever you face any problems – just contact us!


Your Data is Safe

As soon as any device is returned, we perform a complete data wipe. This ensures that none of your personal information remains.


Eco-Friendly: Subscribe, Use, and Recycle

Every device that comes back is carefully checked and fixed—all the tech at Reboot is either new or like new. We focus on reusing our devices to make them last longer, avoiding them from becoming idle or adding to e-waste.

Choose Green, Do Good

Reboot’s Green, Eco-Mission


Your Tech is Covered

We’re here for you, no matter what life throws at you. Reboot devices include insurance to repair your device with minimal, easy to understand terms. See our FAQ below to learn more.


Our Devices are Recirculated

As long as the devices are usable, Reboot will refurbish and repair devices to like-new condition for others to enjoy. Get to what you want and feel good about it.


Less e-Waste for the World

Instead of leaving your devices unused in drawers, choose Reboot and cut down waste! Our devices are enjoyed by multiple subscribers and are recycled when they reach their end of life, making a more sustainable future for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the products "SIM free" and unlocked?

All of our devices are unlocked or "SIM free", giving you the freedom to use any carrier of your choice!

How do I qualify to subscribe a device?

You must: 1) Be a current resident of Japan with a valid picture identification, 2) Be age 18 or over, 3) Have a valid credit card, 4) Pass our verification and credit checks.

*For foreign residents, your visa period must be valid for the duration of the device subscription.

Can I subscribe to more than one device?

Customers who have already been using our subscription service for more than 6 months may sign up for an additional second or subsequent device for use by a family member or relative. Please note the following when considering signing up for additional devices:

1. All payments must have been made on time without delay for the last 6 months.

2. The above requirements are not set forth in our Terms of Use, but are our Company Policy and may be changed at any time without future notice.

The above also applies to applications from the same household or address, such as family members, relatives, or friends living in the same household. For example, in order to sign up for a second or subsequent device to be used by person B, person A living in the same household must have been using our subscription service for at least 6 months and must have completed all payments for the first device used by person A on time and without delay for the last 6 months.

How do monthly payments work?

The first month for all devices will be billed in advance from the credit card submitted at the time of subscription. The subscription term will not start until the device actually is shipped, and after that, billing will occur monthly from the start of your subscription. (We only accept credit cards. Debit cards and direct debits are not available.)

Monthly billing will occur on the same day each calendar month. (If your subscription starts on either 29th, 30th, or 31st, you will be always billed on the last day of that month.)

After your contract term is finished, it is automatically changed to a month-to-month contract at the same convenient rate, until you're ready to return the device!

How long will the delivery take?

For items that are in stock and immediately available, we ship as quick as possible (usually within 1-2 business days!). Products are shipped reliably via Japan Post and delivery can be tracked on their official website. Currently, we ship via Japan Post but reserve the right to ship via another trackable method.

I damaged / lost my subscription device. What are covered by the insurace?

For accidents and normal damages:

・Deductible per user per device - 5,000JPY (+consumption tax 10%)

・Handling fee per accident/claim - 1,000JPY (+consumption tax 10%)

 *Each time a claim is handled, a 1,000JPY (+tax 10%) handling charge will be charged.

For other unforeseen damages and issues, please check our Terms of Use section 11 for details.

If you need to request a repair or any other assistance for your subscription device, contact our Support team and we'll get the issue resolved quickly!

How do I cancel my contract? (Early, or at the end of Term?)

To end your subscription, simply return your product to Reboot at the end of your minimum rental period. Just let us know and we will send you a box and return label, or just a return label if you saved the box. If you wish to end your subscription before the minimum rental period, as per our Terms of Use the unpaid remainder of the minimum rental period will need to be paid.